• Wow what great experience, I loved the journey I have been on. I came across Sloan over 8 years ago and working with Sloan's was the best investment I ever made. I left a lucrative career in law, ran a successful business for a number of years. I have now sold it and found myself living abroad, happily married and financially free. A far cry from where I started.

    Lucinda Retired and Loving Life
  • Being coached by Sloan is both refreshing and informative. She sees through the BS that we as actors often give and gets to the core of what we should have been sharing from the outset. Sloan taught me that passion for my career is far more important than taking the next big thing if I will not have the integrity to look at myself it the morning. I understand that no matter how large my paypacket became my issues lay far deeper than any current role. Highly recommend. She takes our secrets to the grave which is rare in Hollywood.

    Actor and Producer Los Angeles
  • In UAE we have to seek coaches outside our small community to ensure anonymity. It took me a while to realise coaching was not something to hide but something to recommend to those close to me that I wanted to see succeed like I have. I have recommended Sloan much and have the complete confidence that although I refer her she still does not reveal who I am or any of my comments to her, even though she has taught me to be more open with my own feelings. I was honoured to be asked to write this testimonial for her. Wherever you are in the world, Sloan is right there when you need her.

    Amir H CEO in Dubai
  • At the beginning I just started with an idea, not knowing where to pitch my book or how to get past my obligatory 3 chapters and synopsis. Sloan held my hand when I needed and also let me loose to fly on my own. When I lacked the confidence she donned training wheels on to my imaginary bike and I was ready to wheel myself forward into what was originally the unknown but is now so familiar that it feels like home. Sloan taught me I am responsible for my journey. I am so proud I finally took the risk. I am delighted to have shared my journey with Sloan and would do it all again.

    S.K Author
  • I can't recommend Sloan enough. When I know I am working with her, I can sit back and relax. She is fast, efficient, turns my q&a's around within moments of me pressing send. Her work requires very little editing and best of all she lets me take the credit for her brainwaves as she often adds an inspired twist into the mix for me.

    Journalist UAE Media
  • I was tired, working over hours. I didn't understand why my business wasn't taking off and my relationship was in a rut when my best friend found an article in Marie Claire about Sloan. She translated it for me as it was in Russian and I am British. I was happy to find out that although Sloan had been translated into Russian, she is English. I used to be a client and now read her whenever I can. Sloan helped me change career and become confident in myself. I always dip into her magazine. The expert advice is refreshing and I like the fact she doesn't accept traditional advertising. Although I am an letting agent, in my spare time I would rather not see all those properties for sale that I can now afford but still don't want!

    Francheska C Director of a Successful Letting Agency