Celebrity Coaching

A session with a Celebrity Life Coach is a specialised coaching session which requires a different level of expertise. Applicable to Celebrities, VIP’s and people in positions of authority alike.

When you have experienced the limelight be it Celebrity or VIP status within your company there are other potential issues that can arise that require a life coach with a knowledge of the pitfalls of being a Celebrity or VIP.

From her work in this arena, Sloan Sheridan-Williams distinguishes the key challenges that can have a dramatic effect on creative, personal and professional development. Sloan works with her clients to minimise the effects of the pressure, expectations, lack of privacy, self doubt, to name a few.

Sloan only takes on between 10-12 VIP clients at any one time as she creates a bespoke package around the demands of your schedule. To apply call directly on 07462 611 411 or get your agent to set up a VIP appointment which can be up to 2 hours at Sloan’s offices off Bond Street where anonymity is catered for or in special circumstances a more convenient location can be arranged.

Sloan can help –

1. Beat The Creativity Block

Sloan helps you manage expectations and meet your deadlines be it a second novel, debut album, international break throughs or internal challenges. Un-block your creative side in just one session and continue to release your creativity in as many or as few follow up sessions as you like until you reach your goal.

2. Keep Your Focus

Keeping focus and the connection to your authentic self are common areas that many can lose as the pressures of the spotlight increase. Get a clear vision of your goals, enhancing self improvement, balancing significance with connection and personal development with contribution. Get the magic back, keep true to yourself, your dreams, your aspirations without getting caught in the cycle of status.

3. The Comeback or Moving Forward

Life at the top can be lonely. But being kicked ruthlessly out of the VIP Club in a fickle world can cut to the bone. It is now time for reflection, re-evaluation and tough decisions. Is it time for a comeback? Are you going to test your fears I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here style requiring hypnosis to help give you the edge on your phobias? Or are you going to branch out into another area you have always wanted to try? Whatever your choice Sloan has the experience to help.

4. Combat Criticism

Be the criticism internal because you are a perfectionist or external from the Press, Sloan has the strategic tools to keep you emotionally impenetrable from attack. Finding strength you never knew you had to fight back with integrity, grace, dignity and the higher moral ground.

5. Keep Your Balance

It is easy to get addicted to the highs with a strict aversion to the lows of VIP status. It’s no surprise so many turn to artificial stimulants to keep from hitting the inevitable low on the roller coaster of Celebrity. Bad habits form. Entitlement issues arise. Before you know it you do not recognise yourself in the mirror. Sloan has an exclusive program to get you back on track fast, enabling natural highs without addiction.

Take Action…

From the first consultation with Sloan you will feel like a massive weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Book time with Sloan at www.book-sloan.com/contact-sloan

Be  A Winner…